Wednesday, October 4, 2017

How 'bout Goats - Sept 29

Hiked out of White House Landing hoping to make 15 miles today and 15 tomorrow in order to get to Abol Bridge Campground and Store in two days. Only hiked 12.5. We made 15.5 the next day and 3.5 early the next morning to Abol Bridge Campground. 

All we could talk about the whole 3.5 miles was a hot breakfast, hot dogs and pizza. All our wildest food fantasies were dashed when we arrived at 9:15 and found out they stop serving breakfast at 9. What idiot stops serving breakfast at 9?  Morons. 

Okay, we are okay eating pizza and hot dogs for breakfast. What? You don't serve hot food until 11?  Idiots. Morons. I settled for cold Hormel chili out of the can and sardines on crackers.

10 miles from Abol Bridge to the foot of Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park. We had planned on camping at Katahdin Stream Campground that night and making the last five mile climb up Katahdin to end our hike. Now with the lousy food selection at Abol Bridge I knew we couldn't buy food to last us through the day and get us up and down Katahdin the next day. 

The weather forecast for the next day is cold and windy so we decided another couple cans of chili and sardines would get us through the day, then hitch a ride into the town of Millinocket until the weather improves and Mackenzie will show up to summit with us. 

This plan is a winner. Mackenzie will arrive Sunday night. The forecast for Friday through Sunday is for cold windy weather. Mackenzie and a beautiful sunny calm hiking day will arrive concurrently. 

We never slept on the baseball bat shelter floor in the second picture but heard it was not so comfy. My sleep number in not baseball bat. 

We saw several canoes, like in the third picture, near a pond and chained to a tree. I guess that's one way to do it. 

This lady in the eighth picture was hiking with a dog and two goats. I asked her why. She likes goats. Go for it. 

The Abol Bridge store is also a game checkpoint. A lady shot this 750 lb moose in picture 10. The only moose I saw on the trail. 

Best Wife couldn't quite make the ford across this stream in picture 11. She went down and got herself good and wet. Once across she stripped down naked right on the trail and put on dry clothes. Picture 12 shows her wet bra and panties that I looked at for the last 5 miles. 

Feels so good to only have five miles up and down Katahdin left to go. We are holed up at Appalachian Trail Hostel in Millinocket, Maine full of anticipation for the last summit. It's going to be awesome. 

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