Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Boat or Sea Plane? - Sept 26

We made it 70 miles into the 100 mile wilderness. 45 beautiful miles to enjoy to the Katahdin summit. It's weird that the six months we have been trampin' in the woods seems like two or three. In a week we will be okay sleeping in a bed most nights but we'll miss the hiking. Actually sleeping in a five degree bag on a cold dry night is really good. Too bad so many nights are damp or too warm.

Our five days of food got us to White House Landing. That normally would be good except that food resupply at WHL is limited and expensive. Oh well. It's only money. And tha Abol Bridge store is 30 miles away and has a breakfast buffet and offers hot sandwiches after breakfast. If we can manage two 15 miles days to Abol Bridge we will be in Fat City.

We hiked a 10 mile day to the .2 mile side trail to the WHL boat dock, called the phone number on the paper plate sign, and waited three minutes for the boat pictured below. The boat ride was so beautiful across the lake. Just like a postcard. Right away Shauna started washing clothes with a hand pump in a washtub full of lake water. I stripped down for a swim in the lake. After cheeseburgers for dinner and a large pizza to go for tomorrow's lunch we settled in to our cabin for the night. Linda overheard Best Wife telling the other four hikers it was my 62nd birthday (come on SS checks) and surprised me with a birthday treat.

Below are a few pictures of Best Wife tying a rock to the bear bag rope so she can chuck the rope up and over a tree limb. She almost got the rope over the limb but not quite.

Pictures 4 and 5 are before and after shots of my trail maintenance.

Picture six is at Antler Campground. Trail Angel Miss Janet talked a sea plane pilot into taking her, along with pizza and soda, to land on the water at this Campground for a pizza feast for eight lucky hikers. We missed it by a couple days.

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