Saturday, October 14, 2017

Can't Stop - Oct 10

Back on the trail. Arrived home in VA on Friday, Oct 6. Awfully good showering whenever we want to. Snuck in a day hike on the AT from Snickers Gap (Route 7) to Ashby Gap (Route 50), 13.5 miles. Temps weren't bad but the humidity about killed us.

Best Wife dropped off Pappy 12 at Bears Den and then drove to the Ashby Gap parking lot. She hiked north to Bears Den. I hiked south to where she left the car and drove back to Bears Den to pick her up. We ate lunch together at the midpoint. We would rather hike together, but at least this way it's fun to compare notes afterward.

Met a northbound hiker who said the night before he had stopped for dinner at Rod Hollow Shelter and then hiked on for two or three miles before tenting in the woods. He got up the next morning and continued hiking "north" two or three miles until he ran into Rod Hollow Shelter. I don't get these U turn hikers. He confessed this wasn't the first time. Later in the day Best Wife found him sitting in the middle of the trail dehydrated. She verbally slapped him around to take better care of himself.

I talked to a guy laying in his hammock at 1 in the afternoon. He said he fell out of it the night before so was resting up. Ooooookay. It takes all kinds.

It was fun to give Scar and Bud (SOBO thru hikers) an apple. I wish I had brought more to give them. With the humidity they were dying. I felt deeply for them.

Off to see Utah grands, then back to VA for more hiking. Looking forward to both.

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