Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving - Nov 23

Best Wife and Pappy 12 have been hiking through Shenandoah NP this Thanksgiving week. 12 miles Monday, then 15.5, 18.1 and 15.5 the next three days. We have 26.2 miles to go to complete this 2190 mile incredible journey. When we finish on Saturdaywe will be terribly excited. It will not be the same emotional high as when we summited Katahdin, but a huge day nevertheless. 

This morning as we began the 3000 foot climb up Three Ridges, with The Priest at our backs, we were a little bummed that everybody was enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner except us. Of course we choose to hike, but we still miss things like family dinners. Late this morning I was talking to our daughter in GA who we will visit in a week or so. She had the idea to have a Thanksgiving dinner the first night we are with her and her family in GA. The rest of the day Best Wife felt much better knowing a Thanksgiving dinner is on the horizon. 

The weather has been amazing this week. Temps in the 20s most mornings. Highs in the 40s. Bright sunshine. Perfect for hiking. 

Why in the first picture do we find a perfectly good pair of jeans discarded on the trail. Go figure. Maybe an inexperienced hiker shedding unnecessary baggage. 

I'd like to meet the aggressive bear described on the sign. As rare as bear attacks are in the East I'll take my chances with this guy. 

This morning we met three thru hikers heading south (third to last picture). Hoot, Johnny Sunshine and Karate Kid started their hike in Maine in mid August. We have not seen another thru hiker for a week or two. We figured as late as it is we would not see any more. It was so exciting to talk with them, only for a few minutes. A whole flood of memories came rushing back. 

Best Wife's hiking poles are strange leaf collectors in the next to last picture. I've been laughing at her poles all day. 

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