Monday, November 27, 2017

Pinball Wizard - Nov 24

Hiked 15.5 awesome miles today from Dripping Rock (Blue Ridge Parkway mile 9.1) north to Rockfish Gap (I-64). Beautiful sunshine made the brown forest floor come alive. We couldn't ask for more perfect weather for hiking. I still can't get over how absolutely picturesque hardwood forests are, leaves or no leaves. Never tire of gazing deep into the brown woods.

We have one more day of hiking to complete our journey. Really getting exciting.

Today I scared up three squirrels as I hiked into their territory. Two of them followed the normal squirrel protocol and scampered up the nearest tree to avoid being eaten by some moving thing larger than them. The third one though, must have either been very choosy or unable to make a decision because the instant it made contact with the nearest tree it immediately ricocheted off the tree like a pinball off a rubber bumper and headed toward another nearby tree. No sooner had it made contact when Ricochet Squirrel again careened off the tree toward the next one. The whole time I haven't broken stride which encouraged Ricochet Squirrel to repeat the pinball process five or six times, finally finding a suitable tree to make it's vertical escape. Crazy, crazy.

Meet DeBose Egleston. Of course his nick name is Yellow Truck. As he shuttled us from our car to a trailhead twice this week we had as much fun listening to him talk as we did hiking. Lots of real nice, salt of the earth, colorful folks we run into. Since DuBose is not happy with VDOT's decision about a traffic light near his house, say so on your tailgate. Wouldn't want it any other way.

The Lowe Family Cemetery is the most primitive cemetery we have seen on the trail. Really interesting to see actual relics on the trail. I like to think the Lowes lived in the cabin where only a stone foundation and chimney remain.

And at the end of the day after eating a rotisserie chicken and taking a hot shower at the Waynesboro Comfort Inn (we love credit card camping), it's time to put a hurtin' on a carton of Breyers Reese's ice cream. Wouldn't have that any other way.

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